recording rob

July 31, 2008

rob in the booth, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

yo the internet
sorry can’t chat…busy recording rob cowen and his model girlfriend on BVs



BBC Radio 6 Session with Rob Hughes

July 30, 2008

Rob Hughes at Radio 6, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hello all
oooh…look at me blogging….this is actually blogged through flickr! so i have no idea how it will come out. exciting times!

basically…the story is this.
i drove up to manchester yesterday to do a session for Rob Hughes. You can listen online for another week.
here’s the link

Secret Garden Party / Good Times Roadtrip

July 27, 2008

now….you’d think with a title like that, I’d have some crazy ‘road trip’ photos…maybe a video of me drinking bailey’s out of a shoe…well…no…in fact I have two photos…

here they are…

People dancing on a pontoon at secret garden party


bethan elfan from radio one and andrew from gwildor (stooping)

yes…I know…crazy days.

i also have a picture of a travel inn i stayed at in between the festivals

alas the room stayed very much in this condition. and the tv avoided being thrown out the window…not for want of trying mind you. it’s just the window only opened about 2 inches…(damn travel inn…they’ve thought of everything…)

infact i do them a dis-service…it was actually a premier travel inn…not really sure what the difference is…maybe it’s the fact that i have the choice of five free channels…yeah….check it….FIVE free channels

not sure whether you can make it out on there but the asterisk next to channel five says ‘where available’

genius…what luxury!

anyway…back to the business of telling you what i did. basically popped along to SGP to do a little acoustic set in the shelter tent…which was incidentally….hotter than the sun! i’d like to say it didn’t mar my performance but I’d be lying.

i unfortunately couldn’t hang around to see POST WAR YEARS who I’m sure would have rocked the party.

I did manage to see some crazy sights…one of which is the floating dance floor (health and safety issue maybe?) and a heaving pirate ship out in the middle of the lake…full of writhing nubile dance fanatics (who were, it was rumoured, to be later entertained by the likes of zero 7 and late of the pier djs (no pun intended on the latter)

The reason I couldn’t stick around was that i was due to perform the next day in wrexham…ie: the other side of the country to …um…the secret location of the garden party…

obviously the over night stop was needed and I arrived saturday morning for the impending performance. I didn’t know what time i was on until i arrived, which turned out to be 11pm…I having turned up at 11 am…proceeded to drink my body weight in tea and consume various chip based dishes.

It was great though. met up and saw one of my favourite bands on the circuit…HEXICON…i strongly advise people to check them out…they’re a fantastic mix of beach boys and pink floyd amongst other things.

My set went well, and I jumped in my car to drive back home to London….obviously extremely tired. (don’t fret mum and dad…i pulled into a service station to kip for a few hours before completing my journey south)


No Pins Allowed

July 22, 2008

Hello all

my new single ‘No Pins Allowed’ is released on moshi moshi this week.

I’m going to attempt to post the video on this page…Hurrah!

anyway…whilst I’m sorting that out.

here’s a list of all the places it can be bought.

Direct from the Moshi Moshi Website
Banquet Records
Rough Trade
Juno Records
Juno Download
Norman Records

here’s a list of all teh shops too

Action – 47A Church Street, Preston PR 3DH
Amulet – 122 Wigan Rd, Ormskirk, L39 2BA
Avalanche – 63 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BS
Avalanche – 34 Dundas St, Glasgow G1 2QA
Banquet – 52 Eden St, Kingston, KT1 1EE
Monorail – 12 Kings Court, Glasgow G1 5RB
One Up – 17 Belmont St, Aberdeen AB10 1JR
Piccadilly – 53 Oldham St, Manchester, M1 1JR
Probe – 9 Slater St, Liverpool, L1 4BW
Pure Groove – 679 Holloway Rd, London N19 5SE
Resident – 28 Kensington Garden Gardens, Brighton, BN1 4AL
Reveal – 63 St Peters St, Derby, DE1 2AB
Rough Trade – 12 Neals Yard, London, WC2H 9DH
Rough Trade – 130 Talbot Rd, London, W11 1JA
Rounder – 19 Brighton Square, Brighton, BN1 1HD
Selectadisc – 21 Market St, Nottingham NG1 6HX
Sister Ray – 34-35 Berwick St, London W1V 3RF


Latitude 2008

July 21, 2008

Hi there Internet

How’s it going?

I’ve just got back from Latitude 2008 in Southwold “the heart of Suffolk”. It was actually closer to a place called Wangford but I don’t think it would have had the same poetic ring to it.

Had an absolutely amazing time there. I arrived on the Friday afternoon and was down to play the bbc introducing stage (ie: the lake stage) at 7.30pm. Well…it should have been renamed the bbc intimidating stage as it was massive….and there were loads of people there. The stage must have been one of the best placed in the festival as it was right in the middle and everyone had to walk past it to get to the other stages/away from them. This meant there was a huge passing business potential.

I set up my tent (the pop up kind – we’ll be hearing about this in more detail as i describe how to fold it away) and went on my way to the backstage bit….and yes…before you ask. I had a dressing room…so yeah…let’s say I’ve finally made it. inside said room was a sofa and a pot plant from ikea, some drinks, mirror, and some sweets….absolutely none of the crack i asked for in my rider…I know we were some distance from camden, but it could have been flown in by helicopter or something with an equally high carbon footprint.

So the time arrived for me to perform and I did so. It went well and I believe I even saw some people dancing out the corner of my eye.

After playing it was such a relief to have my nerves calmed and therefore enjoy the rest of my time there.

I must just say that I saw the tail end of Errors set and they sounded fantastic. I’m definitely going to be buying their album.

Day two got off to a good start as the heavens opened whilst queing for a coffee. God must be a tea drinker. (note to self: must use that line in a song….possibly about god and his drinking habits…maybe with a reggae beat?)

Saw Sebastien Tellier who was brilliant even though he only had time to perform four songs. not really sure why that was, but there were a few french gesticulations in the direction of the stage manager. After a bit of a break we (me and my posse) went to watch aforementioned posse’s friend Miles Jupp in the comedy tent. fantastic comedian so check him out. Stayed on to watch Rich Hall who made it look all too easy.

Finishing off the night was a double bill of Elbow followed by Sigur Ros. Now…I’ve never seen elbow play live before, but my manager has been raving about it ever since I met him. And he was right. a truly stunning performance from the most underrated band in britain. Sigur Ros was just something else. equally as good but in a completely different way.

day three (the third and final day) was a corker. (note to self: you can’t get away with using corker in a sentence…never try again). Joanna Newsom, Sam Isaac, Luke Leighford, Midnight Juggernauts, the cocknbullkid and the wave pictures all sounded great. but the icing on the cake was seeing Rod Thomas perform his best set ever. Definitely the festival highlight from me and my posse.

The evening was rounded off nicely with a Caribbean goat curry and dancing to the Moshi Moshi Djs. 

A great time was had by all.

thanks Latitude! (although next time make the programmes cheaper…punters have already paid to come and see the bands…the least you could do is let them know when they’re on.)




Oh yes…the tent….well to cut a long story short…we struggled to fold it up until a kind fellow came to our aid.

Smiling Face

July 17, 2008

Has anyone else noticed the random smiling face at the bottom of the page?

I love cheese!

July 17, 2008

Hello ‘the web’

My name’s james. I’m new to this blogging stuff.

I can’t really get my head round the fact that people might be interested in my random ramblings.

But…I’m going to give it a go. As….a) it’s a good way to let you guys know what I’m doing. b) it’s like keeping a diary and I’ve always wanted to do that but could never keep up with it.

also. it gives me the chance to chat with anyone who wants to say hi. 

any advice on blogging?