I love cheese!

Hello ‘the web’

My name’s james. I’m new to this blogging stuff.

I can’t really get my head round the fact that people might be interested in my random ramblings.

But…I’m going to give it a go. As….a) it’s a good way to let you guys know what I’m doing. b) it’s like keeping a diary and I’ve always wanted to do that but could never keep up with it.

also. it gives me the chance to chat with anyone who wants to say hi. 

any advice on blogging?



2 Responses to I love cheese!

  1. rmj says:

    blog ’til you die… like boogie you know?

  2. Ben says:

    Hi James,

    I discovered your music at the event I am working on (MIDEM). In fact i am working on the Conference side of the event and we organised a conference with your manager, Amul, about how to break an artist, and you were the example! They were talking a lot about what they have already done at MusicTank with Terry McBride (who was also there with Amul).
    So, just to say that now i had the chnace to listen to your music and i really love it (especially the ghost!)
    Be sure that i will be there in Paris at le Nouveau Casino to see you 🙂
    Continue your great work!

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