Crikey! I’m in the NME!

NME radar feature, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hello The Internet
hope you’re well….
Well…this is a special blog for me as it’s about my mention in the New Musical Express.
I had the interview separate to the photoshoot. the interview was with greg cochrane…(a very nice chap indeed) over a pint of guinness at 11am in the montague pike. which was, as the article says, deserted.
The photoshoot was the week before in a north london studio. I think the guy was called andy …in fact …there it is on the left…andrew whitton…he was lovely too….we took loads of photos…one which was of me batting the discoball with my guitar…but i guess they wanted the presidential look…


4 Responses to Crikey! I’m in the NME!

  1. Rob Cowen says:

    Lovely stuff Jimmy and richly deserved. Next stop ‘Look-In’?

    P.S – Why were you flicking your pint in a deserted bar…who do you think you are? Albert Camus?

    P.P.S – You are very handsome.

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    I’m so glad the NME have realised how good you are. Take over the world. please.

  3. simonon says:

    I very like this blog! This is make my mind happy and stuff!


  4. The Sound of The Ladies says:

    Wow… you look like a blonde Nick Cave. Well done (on the NME, not the Nick Cave thing)!

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