Remixing In The Sun


remix in the sun, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

yes…that’s my laptop in the sun.
last weekend I went off to Croatia (namely Zadar) to play a lovely festival called Electric Elephant.
As clever as I am I still managed to bring out to the sweltering heat my coat, my thickest blackest t-shirts, socks, jeans and no sun tan lotion.
what i should have brought – shorts, flip-flops, thin white t-shirts, and lotion.
i did however manage to bring my sunglasses, but they’re completely pointless as I’m virtually blind without my spectacles.
I played on the first night (friday) accompanied by Jess Bryant. great sound not so great crowd, but the beautiful surroundings certainly made up for it.
Saw some great acts, some I knew, some I was seeing for the first time. Magic Arm, Super Imposers, Adem, Pictish Trail, King Creosote, Liz Green…but what has to be my highlight was watching Denis Jones. His set was amazing joined with the great sound it floored me.
i was expecting to see some guys called Quiet Village whose album is unbelievably good. they unfortunately had laptop troubles so i took that as my sign to go and have some pasta.
during the evenings it was live music and djs…during the daytime…it was remix, remix, remix…I’d been asked to reedit a remix of Red Light Company’s Scheme Eugene and also bust out a Sam Isaac Remix. It was bizzare sitting in that kind of climate and remixing. I felt like i should be outside frolicing.
I’ll upload the remixes when I get the finished mastered ones.


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