Sam Isaac Remix

Sam Isaac (1).jpg, originally uploaded by Jack Ladenburg.

Hello everyone

Here’s my sam isaac remix…

Sam Isaac – Sticker Star And Tape (James Yuill Remix)

hope you like it…

the original is on sam’s myspace page and is the title track of his new ep called Sticker, Star And Tape



2 Responses to Sam Isaac Remix

  1. Tall Dave says:

    Hey James, top remix of sam (and he’s even wearing a tellison tee in the pic) glad he’s putting out this track as a single, deserves to be a hit (although it’s been a kingston hit for a while). Like i said, good remix, it’ll be getting a play out on sat night for sure (although at 157ish bpm i’m not sure what i’m gonna mix it with, the only thing that spings to mind is XtreemIce)

    Good manuva mix too

    Tall D/ DFF Sound System

  2. sov says:

    wow, this is an awesome remix! i love the euphoric take you’ve got on it. thanks for all your hard work. i particularly enjoy your and rods remixes. book a brighton date together or something- that would go down a treat!

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