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Hi there
I recently won a competition for a remix I did of Roots Manuva’s Buff Nuff (see my archives)
It was for Discobelle. a really cool music blog. they asked me to do a 30 minute mix for their Mixin’ It Up feature. You make the mix then write up why you chose each track.
Link to the mix at the bottom:

Kish Mauve – Lose Control (Fred Falke Remix)
I found this remix on a blog recently. I pretty much love everything Fred Falke does, for that matter all the things Alan Braxe does too. Their production is leaps ahead of everyone else.
So here’s a great Alan Braxe remix of Kelis. Got this one off a mate ages ago. Genius. I’m sure if I was to ever be a DJ and play this one out (as they say) it would literally blow up the dancefloor with things flying off the hook all over the place. I particularly like the lead synth that comes in just as the rap finishes and the chorus begins. it’s little touches like that that make Alan Braxe so good.
Kelis – Bossy (Alan Braxe Remix)

Rio – Race Is Set (Part II)
When i was working sourcing music for ads I found this track on someone’s myspace and followed it all the way to Beautycase Records in Germany. Absolutely brilliant. with synths that remind me of Prototype by Rex The Dog, which unfortunately was too slow to mix in here but worth checking out.

Tiga – (Far From) Home (Digitalism Remix)
Another track I found through my old job. Got the ep with about 6 mixes on. The DFA remix is pure joy.
A few weeks later I went to see Jackson and his computer band at Fabric and Digitalism were playing just after him. it was mental. I’d never heard so many bit crunched basslines side chained to hell.

Surkin – Radio Fireworks
I love the simplicity of Surkin’s work. just raw dance tapped straight from the glands of daft punk

Kavinsky – Testarossa (SebastiAn Remix)
The Ferrari man remixed by the guy that brought us Ross Ross Ross. I know it’s old, but how could i not include it. Ross x3 pretty much changed my life. that’s the whole reason I got into Ed Banger Records. And the whole reason I produce my tracks the way I do. That and Jackson and His Computer Band.

Felix Cartel – L’Amour
Another track I found on a blog recently. Loved the bassline immeadiately. there’s something of a boys noize to it. I can imagine all kinds of shit happening on the dance floor if this one’s dropped firmly in the club

Teenage Bad Girl – Vacuum
My flatmate played me Fuckin’ Frog a few months ago so I bought the album, which is fantastic. really dirty with some great remixes from boys noize and hystereo (whose 2005 album corporate crimewave is a must have)

Heavy Rotation – Run For Your Life (Diamond Cut Instrumental)
This track takes a swift glance at the 80s. and then takes the reverb off the drums and realizes it sounds better like that! great melodies in this one. was going to try to mix in Europa by Bob Sinclair but wanted to whack the next one in more.

The Presets – This Boy’s In Love
Oh my god. You need the new Presets album. It’s tonnes better than the first, and I loved that one!
this track is amazing. gets the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Really reminiscent of so many golden 80s tunes with that piano riff. Something Vince Clark could have written if he’d been so inclined. Makes me feel like I’m going mental in a gay techno circa 1990.

Revolte – Blackout
A new guy to my ears. Really Justice/SebastiAn. Whatever…it’s great. I’m definitely getting the album.

Bumblebeez – Rio
A great album my Press people gave me. I must say this is the best track off the album, but it is pretty good despite its similarity with Basement Jaxx.

Mr Oizo – Nazis (Justice Remix)
I don’t i need any words to describe this one. crazy remix for a crazy dude. When that bassline drops I can’t help but thrust my pointed hand into the air. Despite sitting here in my bedroom with murder she wrote playing silently on the tv behind me. I know…I’m a loser.

James Yuill – Mixin’ It Up For Discobelle


2 Responses to Mixin’ It Up For Discobelle.net

  1. SylvAïn says:

    Hey James
    i love your music & mixtape, it’s really cool.

  2. Timbo says:

    Hiya, Any chance you could repost this mix. The track list looks amazing but it’s gone from zShare. 😦
    I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Timbo.

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