MUD // BESTIVAL 2008, originally uploaded by Danny North.

i’m back safe and sound. sitting in my bed clean as a whistle.
the scarring feel of mud and rain a distant flash in my memory banks.

but hurrah…i saw Underworld!
definitely worth it for that.

Underworld headlined the Sunday night main stage. with their back catalogue still ringing in my ears. i fondly recall the sight of twenty or so big white weather balloons bouncing their way in my general direction.

after underworld we headed over to watch neon neon on the bbc introducing stage. jon hopkins was doing his thing as we turned up. and oh my lord what a great set it was. marred only by the power failure midsong. from which he recovered.
as jon finished we were told that neon neon had moved to the big top. so hot footed it up there (as fast as one could through thick gelatinous mud).

they were fantastic. visuals were stunning. they even got har mar superstar on for some numbers too. a great show apart from the random drugged up lady who kept bumping into us, apologising, then doing it again….

saturday night was spent waiting around for the presets to play at 4.00am then going to bed disappointed that they hadn’t showed.
also. really disappointed that aphex twin dj’d instead of playing live. you would have thought if he was billed to play the big top that it would include some level of live sound. but it didn’t. he may as well have just dj’d a dance tent!

hot chip were brilliant and sebastien tellier was my favourite for the saturday.

friday started with the rain the same ferociousness as the night before. which was (in part) responsible for my phone loosing the function of several buttons.

chromeo being the highlight of the day (although they could have played a bit more rather than using their laptop for the majority) also…they have a bizarre compulsion to repeat their name and where they were.
“yo bestival, we go by the name of chromeo”
“ah bestival, bestival, bestival, bestival, bestival….say chromeo!!”
“our name is chromeo. we say chrome you say OH!. Chrome OH! Chrome OH!….ah bestival you’re on good form! Make some noise manchester!!!!”

chromeo, followed a string of lovely electro ladies. Ebony Bones, LadyHawke, Santo gold. some others but we missed them….like CSS.
Ladyhawke was my favourite out of the three. she had some great songs although the sound was not the best. i think she may be a whispering singer like me. fodder for aggresive sound men all over the uk! you’ve been warned!

To summerise. there was lots of rain. resulting in lots of mud. which was a bit of a pain, but you can’t control the whether….(wise words from the whispering singer!) but a great time was had. mainly because of all the great bands playing.

although my pet peev reered it’s head again. the selling of programmes. they were free last year but alas they now cost £6. at least it’s two pounds cheaper than at latitude. Why make people pay for a listing of bands they’ve already paid to see! i’ll never understand.

Thus ends my bestival 2008 experience. huzzah….i saw underworld!


2 Responses to BESTIVAL 2008

  1. KYLIE says:


  2. Mustard M Mustard says:

    And exactly how much of Hot Chip can you recall after all those mojitos, hmmm?

    When I say C – you say Hromeo!
    When I say Ro – you say Ch then Meo!

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