BFI 24 Hour Film Challenge

BFI 24 Hour Film Challenge, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Last friday my film maker friend alan butterworth and a specially selected team embarked on the 24hour film challenge. joined by 20 other teams (ourselves included) we had to make a film in the allotted time for the British Film Institute.
at approx. 8.30 friday evening we were given the title ‘Not So Perfect World’ and the genre ‘Thriller’ and told to make a film. Hand in was 24 hours from that call.

All entries were shown on sunday evening at the BFI. turns out we won! (that’s what the picture is by the way.) turns out blokes stand the same way when accepting awards; slightly stooped with their arms back.)
Our team (from left to right)
Organiser – Mr. Oddball
Man in hat – Alan Butterworth (director)
Me in white t-shirt (score)
Girl in front of me – Chez Clark (actor)
Blue shirt man – Mark Oosterveen (actor)
Stripey jumper fellow – toby tobell (editor)

here is our effort / winning film

and here’s a .wav of my score


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