Highland Spring Advert

December 28, 2008

performed by yours truly on the beaches of St Andrews. directed and edited and coaxed into shape by christiaan faberij de jonge


Clash Magazine’s Best Newcomer 2008

December 16, 2008

Clash Dec 08 Best Newcomer article 2, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Here’s a lovely article from the people at Clash. They’ve deemed me good enough to enter into their top newcomers of 2008 cd.

If you would like to read the article and hve it enlarged click on the picture above and then click on ‘all sizes’

to find out the other people click here

Blue Rose Code Cover This Sweet Love

December 16, 2008

What a fantastic cover of This Sweet Love.

Thanks guys

My iTunes Celebrity Playlist

December 11, 2008

itunes-logo, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Yes…I know it sounds weird…but the lovely people at iTunes consider me a celebrity…not sure what i’ve done to deserve that but there you go.

here’s a link to my playlist

James Yuill iTunes Celebrity Playlist

Our Christmas Song

December 11, 2008

Me and Rod Thomas, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hello all,

I was asked by Moshi Moshi to do a christmas song…so here it is.

It features the awesome singing talent that is Rod Thomas.


James Yuill feat. Rod Thomas – Winter Wonderland