Le Hiboo Preformance in the Paris Streets

When I was last in Paris I was interviewed and filmed by the website Le Hiboo. The acoustic sessions were recorded on the fly down a little side street…
here’s how could i lose…


this sweet love is on their page too. here’s the link.



2 Responses to Le Hiboo Preformance in the Paris Streets

  1. Rod says:

    Thanks for the link James ! I was very happy to meet you, even if

    1. my english is very bad (sorry)
    2. you were surprised by the session (the third song was the best, but … around there was a lot noise :()

    See you Soon !

  2. Kevin Doyle says:

    Hi James! Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the Vanilla Album you dropped at our house in Ealing a week or so back. We just caught your gig at The Macbeth recently and it was amazing. Have some good pics of you jamming but couldn’t quite sort out how to email or get them to you via the web somehow. Also have a great video clip of your encore. All your tunes are great, we’re big fans! Thanks again and cheers! -kevin

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