Rod Thomas Mini Album ‘Until Something Fits’


Rod Thomas ‘Until Something Fits’ Artwork, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

The mini album from Rod Thomas is coming out on the 2nd March, but for those who can’t wait that long you can download it for free, by booking your tickets for his tour here

I have it already because I’m cool and on top of new music…obviously! so here is my review, which I might point out, is completely unbiased despite it containing a rather funky remix by some random unknown called David Ewell.

Since I first heard Rod’s music a while ago (like I said…I’m ahead of the game…big tip…80s is coming back into fashion…what?! it’s been and gone?! yeah well it’s coming back for the fourth time…loser!)

anyway…I digress. Until Something Fits is a brilliant testament to the song writing of Rod Thomas. Who can forget such classics as ‘You Get Goodbyes’, ‘Your Love Is A Tease’ and ‘Same Old Lines’. What you probably haven’t heard is the most amazing tune ‘Hints of Him’. A great ballad that I’m sure will have you weeping.

I’m sure it’ll be up on itunes too soon, but if you’re going to see him…you may as well get the free download…huzzah!

that is all


ps: artwork by Martipants –


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