Me and the Casio Kids

casiokids and me, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hello everyone,

Had a wonderful evening in the studio yesterday with those Bergen boys Casio Kids.

We were laying down some vocals for each others tracks.

Casio Kids translated Left Handed Girl into Norwegian and I sang Groent Lys I Alle Ledd in English.

Admitedly they sing pretty high, so I had to bust a lower octive on thier one, but with the harmonies I hope I do it justice.

They certainly made Left Handed Girl sound awesome!

I believe the NME are having the tracks as a free download soon…so I’d better get mixing them…

a bientot



2 Responses to Me and the Casio Kids

  1. Groent Lys I Alle Ledd is one of my fave tracks of last year. This is gonna be amazing!!!!

    (sorry if i sound like a crazy loon!)


  2. Ole says:

    So cool that you get in the studio with Casio Kids. You are all amazing, and cant wait to see you this summer:D

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