Off to America

America F#*K Yeah, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Bonjour mes amis
Je suis hors de l’Amerique….

“What? they don’t speak french in America?….what do they speak?”

“Americanese? It’s a bit like English but slightly different.”

Okay…Hello my friends
I am off to America!

Tell your Americanese friends.

6th April – The Mercury Lounge, New York NY
7th April – Coco 66, Brooklyn, New York (FREE SHOW)
11th April – KRCW Radioactive @ The Park Plaza Hotel, LA, CA

This is only a small taster tour…an aperitif if you will.

(the picture is of two kids praying for me to come out to America….they got their wish)


2 Responses to Off to America

  1. andrea says:

    Now that’s great! Have fun over there.

    I wonder how I can get my hands on The Vanilla Disc… Is there a chance you’ll bring some copies to sell at your gigs in Germany? By the way, I am extremely happy about you coming back to Cologne! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    finally some American dates!…after this teaser tour you need to come down to Asheville, NC…there’s a famous venue there called The Orange Peel where I’m sure your music would find an audience

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