M83 Support Tour (Pomona via Bruges)

M83 soundchecking in Pomona, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

So hello everyone. I’m on tour in the US with M83 at the moment. Risking my stomach contents by writing this whilst the tour bus is in motion.

It all started with a trip to Belgium. Actually this might work better in note form:

The date 18th May.
Rod Thomas and I left west London at 9am (driving)
Arrived at Bruges about 2pm
Played show
Left venue at 10.30pm
Arrived back in London 1am on the 19th
Rod drove me over to east London
I arrived at my girlfriends flat at 2.30am
Woke up 7.30am
9am put deposit down on trendy east London flat (more about that later)
Arrived back in west London 11am
Left for airport at 1.30pm
Flew to America at 4pm

We got to LA in the early evening of the 19th (i know…we gained 8hours…I felt like I’ve had three Tuesday the 19ths!). We had the night off before meeting up with M83 and their tour bus at 1pm the next day.
After driving for about an hour or so, we arrived at the venue for our first show. The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA.
I didn’t get time for a soundcheck as the were some technical difficulties with M83’s hardware. But thankfully all was sorted and they started letting people through the doors.
I went on stage a little after half eight and as I walked on I heard a few people mention my name to their friends (which was nice). I must say I wasn’t expecting many people to show up to my set, but was pleased to see almost 2/3s of the final crowd already in the house.
I think I could have played better, but I had some lovely comments from people after the show, so i guess it didn’t sound too bad!

More photos on my Flickr account…link should be on the right somewhere

(to be continued)


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