M83 Support Tour (Solana Beach)

A few hours drive took us into Solana Beach. Lovely beach it is too. Not many convenience stores though…walked about half an hour looking for a shop to buy some shower gel from. in the end found a place but they only had a few bars of soap left. I know! I felt like i was in back to the future (the one where he actually goes back to the past).

(M83’s Soundman checking the system with Erland Oye)

So the gig was at a place called the Belly Up. I didn’t think my show was any good due to the fact that I’d developed a cold from the air conditioning on the tour bus. Spoke to some people at the end who seemed to enjoy it though!

We then had a big drive through the night to get to a place called Redding. We arrived at midday and oh my lord was it baking outside. I was already a little red from the ‘Shower Gel Trek’ so first thing I did was get some sun tan lotion. factor fifty…no messing about. As this was effectively a day off my soundman Paul and I decided to go watch a film. We settled on Star Trek which we thought was pretty good.

Next gig is the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR.

(to be continued)


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