M83 Support Tour (San Francisco)

Arrived in San Francisco without too much trouble. found the hotel and pretty much passed out after eating a big KFC…(if anyone reads my twitter they’ll know it came with a ‘Biscuit’ i.e. a ‘Scone’. weird and random hey?!
anyhow. got up the next day and had two breakfasts in a place called Mel’s Drive In. Then waddled over to a Last.fm interview.
This was my last show with M83 and it was at The Mezzanine. A fantastic night was had by all I think. I certainly had a great time.
In fact the whole tour with M83 was awesome. firstly I got to see a band i genuinely love play six shows in a row. secondly i got to hang on their tour bus! (also first time on a tour bus)

I now have the last few American shows before me. The Troubadour in LA this evening…it’s on Santa Monica Boulevard. and i can’t say that street name without sounding like that Sheryl crow song!

Just been to Amoeba Music off Sunset Blvd and bought a huge stack of cds

Digitalism’s debut
Spank Rock – Yoyoyoyoyo
Simian Mobile Disco – Attack Decay Sustain Release
I Love Techno 2008 (mixed by Boys Noize)
Moderat new album
Simian Mobile Disco – Tits and Acid EP
Cassius – 99 (a classic)
Beast – (don’t really know why I bought this album…on first listen it doesn’t sound that good….the description was Electro + Hip Hop….tempting but unfulfilling)
and A-Trak’s Infinity + 1 Mix album (cos it features me on it!)

(to be continued)


One Response to M83 Support Tour (San Francisco)

  1. Rod Thomas says:

    Amoeba is SO great isn’t it. I bought some real classics in there.

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