Sample Me Up Mofo! (Completed)

August 26, 2009

Hello there

So it’s done! huzzah!

I’ve uploaded some screen grabs from ableton to explain what i did to each sound.

the sounds I used are as follows:

Chris Hoare – Leicester, England – memo.m4a
Hendrik Schlimper – Hamburg, Germany – mov00035.mp3
Daniel Bruegge – Munich, Germany – james yuill sample brezn.aif
Andreas Gustafsson – Gothenburg, Sweden – balconytintable.wav
Ruth Tapley, Nicola Bird, Kate Ormiston-Smith – London, England – VN 00004.amr
Aaron Coe – Suffolk, England – sound clip 10.wav/sound clip 07.wav/sound clip 05.wav
Olly@Junc Records – London, England – JUNC sample me up.mp3
Patrick McHugh – Donegal, Ireland – final.wav
Emanuela De Angelis – Pescara, Italy – edaxyuill.mp3
Sebasitian Clark – The Road – untitled 104.mp4
Nobuko Sato – Oita, Japan – zippo.wma
Fentiger – Cambridge, England – post it note.mp3
Sam King – Oxfordshire, England – sample3.mp3/sample4.mp3/sample2.mp3
Zac Wall – Missouri, USA – Intro.mp3
Christian Caterham – Brighton, England – wooden ruler on desk ruler.aiff

Apologies to Lucia Rubio – Obregon, Mexico. I couldn’t use the train passing as it was a bit too distorted. but thanks for sending it over!

A big thank you to those people that sent in samples.

I’m also aware there are some people who still want to send me samples…go ahead…there may even be a sample me up #2!


Sample Me Up (Almost Finished)

August 25, 2009

hi there

so I thought I’d go ahead and start doing the track this morning. turns out i’ve almost finished it.

i know that some of you are still to send me samples. please keep sending them in. I will do another one if I get some surplus.

just going to do a mix of it and shove it online for you to hear.

also going to be whacking up the samples that were send to me.


Sample Me Up Mofo!

August 18, 2009

Sample Me Up Mofo!, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.


so I’ve decided to do a little experiment/musical project involving…well…you! If you want.

It’s a simple idea…probably been done before (plus I know it’s kind of like Matthew Herbert’s Mission Statement thing)…but basically; I want you to send me a short audio sample. The sample must be 5 seconds or less for example banging a pot, shouting at your neighbour or silently flipping your parents the bird (ideally with some noise going on in the background).

you see. I’m going to write a tune with all your samples.

a few rules

1.) I’d like it to be as analogue as possible…so don’t just send me the contents of your sample library from a future music cover mount dvd!

2.) no snippets of actual songs

3.) can’t be more than 5 seconds long…don’t want my inbox crashing

4.) please don’t send me any riffs or melodies. I want this to be as hard as possible.

5.) lastly, by sending me the samples you’re going to waive any-kind of rights you have…so another reason not to send me any killer riffs or melodies as you’re probably going to want to use these in your own music.

I will be keeping note of the samples I use, who they came from and what I did to them, so when the track is done I can name check you guys personally. (so when you do send me a sample, please write your name and where you come from i.e.: James Yuill, London, England or Peter Potato, Tokyo, Japan)

Please send the samples to me at

many thanks!

(oh and if you know anyone who would love to send me shiz then please let them know)


August 2, 2009

This is the best music festival I have have been to or played! i saw so many amazing bands and djs there. the line up was fully brilliant! shame the weather effected Moderat and Deadmau5 (they couldn’t play due to literally horizontal rain on stage!)

my lovely crowd at melt. excuse the picture quality. my blackberry has a terrible camera in it.

there’s a couple more on my flickr page. link should be in the right hand column.