Sample Me Up (Almost Finished)

hi there

so I thought I’d go ahead and start doing the track this morning. turns out i’ve almost finished it.

i know that some of you are still to send me samples. please keep sending them in. I will do another one if I get some surplus.

just going to do a mix of it and shove it online for you to hear.

also going to be whacking up the samples that were send to me.



4 Responses to Sample Me Up (Almost Finished)

  1. James I says:

    Shit, I was just coming up interesting sounds (cold water hitting a scalding frying pan was one). I don’t think my means of recording them would be any good though.

  2. The Grain says:

    Hi James,

    Clumsy method of doing this, couldn’t think of a better way to get in contact at this hour – basically take a look at this (unbelievably pretensious) website/blog called The Grain ( have a browse and if you like what you see maybe you would be interested in doing an interview for the site about the record, above project etc?

    If you’re interested just give me an email, if not, no need to worry about dignifying this cheeky message with a response. Green Man set was great fun, nice contrast to what else was going on. Keep it up.

    The Grain

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