Zero 7 Tour Poster

September 30, 2009


Zero 7 Dates

September 30, 2009

Hello everyone
As you might know I’m doing some dates with Zero 7 on their tour.
Just thought I’d blog about which dates I am actually doing as there is a bit of confusion.
You see I’m sharing the support slots with Man Like Me.
I originally had sheffield up as one of mine, but it turns out there was some mix up along the way and that’s a Man Like Me gig. Apologies to anyone who saw it on my myspace and got tickets.

The Zero 7 UK tour dates are as follows:

Sept 28 Colston Hall, Bristol w/ James Yuill
Sept 29 Oxford Academy, Oxford w/ James Yuill
Sept 30 Norwich UEA, Norwich w/ James Yuill
Oct 1 Manchester Academy, Manchester w/ James Yuill
Oct 3 Sheffield Plug, Sheffield w/ Man Like Me
Oct 4 Glasgow ABC1, Glasgow w/ James Yuill
Oct 5 Leeds Academy, Leeds w/ James Yuill
Oct 6 Brighton Dome, Brighton w/ Man Like Me
Oct 8 Round House, London w/ Man Like Me & James Yuill
Oct 9 Round House, London w/ Man Like Me
Oct 11 53 Degrees, Preston w/ TBC
Oct 12 Queens Hall, Edinburgh w/ James Yuill
Oct 13 Town Hall, B’ham w/ Man Like Me

That is the definitive schedule.
cheers guys

A couple of SMD videos

September 26, 2009

I love this stuff!

fantastic video for synthesise (not sure whether it’s official or not)

Earth & Fire Versions

September 22, 2009

Hello everyone

Good News!

As you may have noticed from various blogs some different versions of my songs have been appearing.

This is because I re-recorded the album. I took the tracks that were mostly electronic and revamped them in an acoustic styleee and visa versa!

These are known as Earth (acoustic) and Fire (electronic) versions.

In the US they’re coming out on Nettwerk as a remix album. In the UK they’re being released by Moshi Moshi on two 12-inch vinyls. (they’re also going to be available digitally)

Like the original album the artwork was done by my wonderful graphic designer Kabuki.

Turning Down Water For Air (Earth & Fire Versions) (US)

1. You Always Do (Fire Version)

2. Left Handed Girl (Earth Version)

3. No Pins Allowed (Earth Version)

4. This Sweet Love (Earth Version)

5. No Surprise (Fire Version)

6. Head Over Heels (Fire Version)

7. The Ghost (Fire Version)

8. No Surprise (Earth Version)

9. How Could I Lose (Fire Version)

10. She Said In Jest (Earth Version)

11. Breathing In (Fire Version)

29/09/09 Nettwerk

Here is the link to the US iTunes store

US iTunes

I shall post again when the UK one becomes available. Due to some problems with the pressing of the vinyl the UK release has been pushed back a tiny bit.


Rob Cowen & The Dissidents – Heartache (Remixes)

September 20, 2009

Hello friends

Just uploaded a couple of remixes to my downloads page.

They’re both remixes of Rob Cowen & The Dissidents track ‘Heartache’. The first is by Bright Light, Bright Light and the second is by me.

The original is amazing so check it out when it is released. for more info visit Rob’s myspace

or Self Raising Records

Here’s the link to my downloads page

Relentless Shots Lounge Gig (London)

September 14, 2009

Hello all

Like the title says. I’m doing a gig at the Relentless Shots Lounge on Thursday (17th Sept).

The Address is Gallery 32, 32 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3PB

I’m the only person playing and I’m on at 6pm.

Come on down!


Free This Sweet Love.mp3 (Earth Version)

September 10, 2009

Yes folks
the lovely blog have posted a free mp3 of my Earth Version of This Sweet Love.

Check it out here

I’d also like the opportunity to point out that it’s a total re-record. i didn’t just add a xylophone. i recorded a new bass part, piano, re-did the vocals, glockenspiel, a particularly difficult mandolin solo at the end and of course the xylophone. (notice there’s no acoustic guitar)