Sample Me Up 2


We all know what a huge success Sample Me Up Mofo was, (thanks for the Ivor by the way), but just in case you didn’t notice it the first time. I’m doing it again.

Here’s a quick recap of the general vibe.

I want you (the reader) to send me a short audio sample. The sample must be 5 seconds or less for example banging a pot, kicking a colleague or humming into a biscuit.

you see. I’m going to write a tune with all your samples.

a few rules

1.) I’d like it to be as analogue as possible…so don’t just send me the contents of your sample library from a future music cover mount dvd!

2.) no snippets of actual songs

3.) can’t be more than 5 seconds long…don’t want my inbox crashing

4.) please don’t send me any riffs or melodies. I want this to be as hard as possible.

5.) lastly, by sending me the samples you’re going to waive any-kind of rights you have…so another reason not to send me any killer riffs or melodies as you’re probably going to want to use these in your own music.

I will be keeping note of the samples I use, who they came from and what I did to them, so when the track is done I can name check you guys personally. (so when you do send me a sample, please write your name and where you come from i.e.: James Yuill, London, England or Mr A. Schwartzenegger, California, LA)

Please send the samples to me at

many thanks!


7 Responses to Sample Me Up 2

  1. James (Fentiger) says:

    Excellent! 🙂

    “humming into a biscuit” ??

    I wonder what that actually sounds like? lol! I might try it and send the result…

  2. Rod Thomas says:

    I’ve sent you New York as heard through my jeans pocket.

    They’re black jeans, should it matter.

  3. adamruhl says:

    can’t wait

  4. Barrington says:

    You already have the bodysnatcher noise, if that’s any use..?

  5. adamruhl says:

    pleeeasse 🙂

  6. James (Fentiger) says:

    Hi James, Is Sample Me Up 2 still on its way or have Zero 7 got in the way of all these shenanigans?

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