Earth & Fire Versions

Hello everyone

Good News!

As you may have noticed from various blogs some different versions of my songs have been appearing.

This is because I re-recorded the album. I took the tracks that were mostly electronic and revamped them in an acoustic styleee and visa versa!

These are known as Earth (acoustic) and Fire (electronic) versions.

In the US they’re coming out on Nettwerk as a remix album. In the UK they’re being released by Moshi Moshi on two 12-inch vinyls. (they’re also going to be available digitally)

Like the original album the artwork was done by my wonderful graphic designer Kabuki.

Turning Down Water For Air (Earth & Fire Versions) (US)

1. You Always Do (Fire Version)

2. Left Handed Girl (Earth Version)

3. No Pins Allowed (Earth Version)

4. This Sweet Love (Earth Version)

5. No Surprise (Fire Version)

6. Head Over Heels (Fire Version)

7. The Ghost (Fire Version)

8. No Surprise (Earth Version)

9. How Could I Lose (Fire Version)

10. She Said In Jest (Earth Version)

11. Breathing In (Fire Version)

29/09/09 Nettwerk

Here is the link to the US iTunes store

US iTunes

I shall post again when the UK one becomes available. Due to some problems with the pressing of the vinyl the UK release has been pushed back a tiny bit.



2 Responses to Earth & Fire Versions

  1. Chris says:

    Hi James! Any news on the UK release date??? Any signs of that A.Human remix of Pins??? Oh the anticipation….. đŸ™‚ Laters dude!!!!

  2. Klaas says:

    so, james, where is it??? download from the us itunes store doesn’t work. maybe you can send it by skype?!?! đŸ˜‰

    i’d love to buy the album, but i can’t find it anywhere.

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