Sample Me Up 2 (tracks online)

October 11, 2009

Sample Me Up 2, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hi guys

Well the Sample Me Up 2 tracks are finally online. Many thanks to for hosting them. I finished them a while ago, but we thought it would be better to have them posted somewhere else on the web.

here’s the link

I’d love to know what you think


My Derren Brown Lottery Theory

October 2, 2009

Derren Brown – How To Predict The Lottery

Okay. I know I’m not alone when I say this. But his programme explaining how he predicted the lottery annoyed me something chronic!

I, like many of the viewers felt cheated by this unanswered trick. I recorded the ‘Event’ and after it had aired, watched it repeatedly; desperate to find the answer. I was tearing my hair out by the time Friday came around.

so some of the theories I’ve heard?

a) Magic balls that have printers inside them (or any kind of self-drawing ball. this also includes assistants who draw the numbers on!)
b) Actually predicting the lottery
c) Weighted balls in the machine
d) Split screen

a) Magic balls can be ruled out, because that’s fully impossible. Balls with mini printers inside? Really? Do you know the technology that would be needed to achieve this, not just for one number but to be able to cope with all the variables that could come out! Also, you can rule out any-kind of drawing on. Firstly, it would take too long. Secondly, why would you get someone to hand draw a faultless number on a sphere, when you could easily have a selection of pre-printed balls in front of you and select them as the numbers come up.

b) Actually predicting the lottery can be ruled out, because that is all the way impossible. If you use the group method he does for the prediction of the numbers, you would never get it right all the time (if at all). Is he saying that if that group carried on every week they would be able to continuously guess the right numbers? Also why leave the bonus ball off. It has exactly the same chances of being correct as the others. There’s no special rule that applies to the bonus ball…it’s just another ball!

c) Weighted balls in the machine. I don’t think this would work. It might give the balls a slightly increased chance of being selected, but the mechanism that churns the balls gets rid of this variable.

d) The only idea that really stands up is the use of split screen. I found this youtube clip, which is someone demonstrating how easy split screen would be to manufacture.

I have some questions:

1. Why the second Cameraman?
2. Why so much camera movement?
3. Why Derren makes up that point about not being allowed to give out the lottery results before the BBC?
4. Why is there such a huge delay before Derren realises that the image changes from Dream Number to the Lotto Draw. Including why he says generic things about the images?
5. Why leave out the bonus ball?
6. Why he stands so still when the numbers are being read out?

1. Why the second Cameraman?

I understand why you’d need to see that Derren was all on his own with no crew, just one camera man, but it just throws up more queries.
The cut away from and back to camera one is odd. It looks almost staged. As you’ll see in my next point.
Also, the second cameraman could (after that shot) put his camera down and head over to the balls. so Derren is effectively not alone as he states.

2. Why so much camera movement? They wouldn’t of gotten some ill- trained buffoon to operate the camera for one of televisions most ‘important events’.

Yes…well we all know of artificial camera shake. It’s used to make things look handheld (obviously). All I’m saying is it looks a bit unrealistic. i know camera men who can hold the thing still…that’s why they’re camera men! I fail to believe that this guy is really shaking that much. It’s too fake.

They could have in fact filmed earlier; the intro (and everything up till the second camera shot). Then leisurely set up the first camera on a tripod. All ready for their split screen shiz. All they then had to do was play the pre-recorded intro and cut back to the live feed from the first camera.

3. Why he makes up that point about not being allowed to give out the lottery results before the BBC?

I doubt that the BBC would have a problem with some random guy revealing what he thinks the lotto results will be. It’s not as if people would tune into Derren Brown for the ACTUAL lotto results. It’s a PREDICTION! he’s not delivering a service to rival the BBC’s live draw!

4. Why is there such a huge delay before he realises that the image changes from Dream Number to the Lotto Draw. Including why he says generic things about the images?

It is very bizarre how someone right in front of the TV can be so vague about the images! When he first turns the TV on it takes him a good few seconds to realise that it’s still the Dream Number (despite it being in the background). Then when the images change to that of (quite obviously the Lotto) he takes a staggering amount of time to realise. Especially coming from a man who is excited/sick and on the verge of delivering an amazing piece of Lotto related TV. I would be shouting at that tv the split second the Lotto logo came into view.

The reason I think there is a delay is that there is no image on the tv at all. I believe that he is being fed the audio from the feed into an ear piece (maybe twinned with someone whose watching it) hence the second or so delay.

I’m not sure of the reason why they would not have the TV on for real. Possibly to create a small amount of delay? Possibly the split screen runs across the face of the TV? I’m not sure, but I do know he’s not watching it. There are sloaths that can react faster than he does!

5. Why leave out the bonus ball?

As I mentioned above in my argument why predicting the results is flawed, the bonus ball would have the same rules applied as the other balls. So why leave it out?

I believe that he leaves it out for timing reasons. It allows for an assistant (the second camera man?) to align the balls, make sure they’re in numerical order and get out of the shot.

6. Why he stands so still when the numbers are being read out?

This is an interesting one. It’s certainly not normal to stand that still for that amount of time, whilst some mammoth predictions are coming real. My friend has a theory about this one. Apparently the whole shot is another piece of footage…almost like a screen grab. The image from the tv is being added over the top. Meanwhile all Derren has to do is stand in the exact position as the over laid image.
I’m not really explaining it very well as i didn’t really understand him…(it was kind of a semi drunken rant!). Basically it employs the same idea as the split screen where there is hidden movement going on behind over laid video.

So this is the logical conclusion I have come to.

About 15 minutes before the programme is due to go live. Derren is filmed running through his intro speech. By the words and movements he uses, he makes us think it’s live. It’s not. It’s pre-recorded. They run through everything up to the point where they cut away to the second camera. They then stop filming. Camera one is put onto a tripod, in place, ready to shoot the live event. Meanwhile the second camera man, puts down his camera and hangs about just out of shot.
The moment comes when the event will be broadcast. Roll VT (pre-recorded film). Derren gets into position ready to be cut to with his arms up in the air. Cut back to first camera, live footage, Derren moves his hands down to make us think it’s only been a split second from the last shot. Here begineth the live feed (with a bit of artificial camera shake added for effect).
Derren goes through his speech, wanders over to the numbers, spouts his lie about them not being allowed to show his ‘prediction’, wanders back over to the TV and to his mark on the floor. This is when the split screen starts. He then mimes turning the TV on. The Lotto draw is being put directly onto the TV in the control room. Meanwhile Derren is getting the audio/being told what’s going on in his ear. They get to the draw. As the numbers come out, the second camera man gets ready to place the pre-printed balls in the holder. Just before the bonus ball comes out the numbers are arranged numerically. Second camera man leaves the shot. Derren mimes turning the TV off; the split screen is removed. Derren walks over to the balls, turns them round. Voila!

This is the most logical way it can be done.

Just found this blog that has the same theory about the second camera man

However…just like Derren Brown threw a spanner in the works at the last minute…so does this

Best Advert Ever

October 2, 2009