Sample Me Up 2 (tracks online)

Sample Me Up 2, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hi guys

Well the Sample Me Up 2 tracks are finally online. Many thanks to for hosting them. I finished them a while ago, but we thought it would be better to have them posted somewhere else on the web.

here’s the link

I’d love to know what you think


9 Responses to Sample Me Up 2 (tracks online)

  1. HEN says:

    you are pure genius!
    come to paris soon!

    • jamesyuill says:

      ah, there’s a simple explaination for that.
      i’d already finished both tracks before ou sent me your sample.
      i have it in a folder marked ‘sample me up 3’
      fear not!

  2. James (Fentiger) says:

    WOW truly awesome work James!!! I didn’t expect we’d be getting 2 tunes. Really impressed by both. Can defo hear my Zipper sample in UFO… sounds v nice! Loving The smashing lightbulb…may have to think v seriously about submitting a vid now!

  3. makro says:

    did not yet listen 2ur tracks. Just wanted to let u know that I got 2 know u from a Mashup @Kitsune Maison Mashed 3 (with Lady Gaga. u improve her 😉 )which I really liked.

  4. makro says:

    whoopa… seem to be alittle late, but I picked out the Link4You:

    [audio src="" /]

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