Ableton Controller

anyone got some opinons on these two ableton controllers? apart from the obvious more buttons thing.

apc 40

or the launch pad


just found this article


9 Responses to Ableton Controller

  1. Mosh-an says:

    I much prefer the APC40 personally. Having rotary encoders, I think, makes it much easier to control parameters. It’s especially great when you use instrument/effect racks as you can use the APC to control macros = great live!

    I prefer having everything out in front of me and in the same place – like on the APC40. You have to use the different modes on the Novation to get the same functionality. I just find that a pain.

    Hope that helps. 🙂 Massive fan of your music btw James. Keep it up 😀

    • jamesyuill says:

      i know what you mean…i can imagine being in the heat of the moment and franticly having to toggle through endless pages to get to an effect. i think the only think going against the apc 40 is the size and weight. but really the pros far out weigh the cons.
      thanks so much for taking the time to write to me.
      great to hear you’re a fan
      happy christmas

      • Mosh-an says:

        i quite like the fact that the apc is bigger and heavier though. makes me feel like i’ve got something a bit sturdier for my money. but it’s still no bigger than your average laptop case. looks cooler too, haha.

        which did you go for in the end then?

      • jamesyuill says:

        I haven’t bought it yet, but it’s got to be the apc 40. I think the fact that everything’s there, plus it means i can use the faders and knobs for fx.

  2. Mosh-an says:

    yeah, good call. and keep the tunes coming 🙂 hope to get to see you play soon! take care

  3. Chris says:

    I recently bought the Launchpad and a Novation Nocturn (£70) cos I couldn’t afford the APC40, but the Nocturn has twiddly nobs on it so you get the best of both worlds for cheaper. And they look pretty nice together too. I had a go on the APC40 aswell and it seemed pretty easy to use. Love the tunes, keep it up.

    • jamesyuill says:

      thanks for the info chris. and thanks for the nice comment.
      I’ve gone for the apc40 because of the added number dials and sliders. it will hopefully cut down on the amount of midi controllers i normally use.

  4. Phix says:

    So you use Ableton … that’s the answer I was lookin’ for.

    I discovered you on myspace, before you realesed your album. I’ve been listening to your music for a while.

    I bought Sweet Love remix on itunes, and I put it in my headphones everday when I leave my flat to go to work. This is ” the first song of the day ” for 2 months now.
    I just love it, and I love music.

    I’m leaving for Thailand in 2 days and for some time to do some scubadiving and making music. Scuba gear, guitar, MacBook & Protools. That’s it.
    So I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you live.

    Thank you for your creations.


    PS I missed you on january in Paris,, the guys didn’t let me in. Sad.

    • jamesyuill says:

      hi there MirK
      sorry for the late reply…it got lost in the emails!
      yeah i’m all about ableton…just changing my set into a clip based set…it’s amazing how simple ableton is to use!
      shame you weren’t allowed into the paris gig…was that the one with delphic headlining? just to make you feel a bit more bad they were awesome!
      thanks for your lovely comments about the tune. glad it got you in the mood for the day.
      have a fun time in thailand!
      all the best

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