BrightlightBrightlight Remix

March 16, 2010

Hello everyone
I’ve added another remix to my download page.
It’s a remix of the very splendid Bright Light Bright Light single A New Word To Say, which was produced by Boom Bip!!

Bright Light Bright Light – A New Word To Say (James Yuill Remix)

Find out about



Rob Cowen City Lights Remix

February 12, 2010

Hi there everyone

I know it’s been a long time since I blogged anything. Been working on my live set for this year!

Inbetween that and eating, i’ve done this remix for my mate Rob Cowen & The Dissidents. The track is called City Lights and the original is a belter! (

As you’ll find on my downloads page ( I also did a remix of his first single Heartache.

City Lights comes on on Self Raising Records on the 14th April so until then…here’s my remix

Rob Cowen & The Dissidents – City Lights (James Yuill Remix)



Patrick Wolf Remix

May 5, 2009

Patrick Wolf, originally uploaded by Dots, Lines, and Polygons.

Hello All

Here’s a link to my remix of Patrick Wolf’s new single Hard Times. I did it so long ago it’s going to be weird to hear it again…let’s listen shall we?

Patrick Wolf – Hard Times (James Yuill Remix)

it was posted on the Electroqueer blog:

PC Sound Recorder

April 1, 2009

pc-sound-recorder, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hi Guys,
I was randomly going through my PC for samples and bits I’d downloaded from the internet ages ago and I stumbled on a project I did ages ago.
It was the winter of 2005. I had moved out of a friends house into a crappy bedsit down Goldhawk Road.
I didn’t have a mac at that time and I was without any music making facilities for three months – or so I thought…
I discovered the joy that is PC Sound Recorder. Every PC has it. So I challanged myself to make music on it.
This was massively painstaking. I had to work out what the bpm was first and then chop the tracks and samples into beats and sub beats. these were then added together using the various functions on the programme. to do a full 4 bars I’d have to have a loop then go through and merge every sample at it’s specific time depending on the bpm of course!
It took ages. To make things easier I could play in some keyboards but I’d have to sample up each note, then merge it into the piece.
I did a jamie lidell remix using this technique (obviously unofficial!) but I had to chop the song into bits and then merge them with drum beats etc. and piece them together.
Anyway…to cut a long story short. I’ve put the old site on the back of my website.
(i might even have a picture of me in the bedsit…I’ll try and find it)

click here –> PC Sound Recorder

No Surprise (Rod Thomas Remix)

January 15, 2009

Rod Thomas, originally uploaded by joanne1935.

Check out this amazing remix Rod Thomas has done of No Surprise.

James Yuill – No Surprise (Rod Thomas Remix)

No Surprise (The Operators Remix)

January 5, 2009

Group performance (The Operators), originally uploaded by Chris [].

So for want of a better picture!

Here’s a brilliant remix of No Surprise done by Charlie from the Operators (second from the right ladies!)

James Yuill – No Surprise (The Operators Remix)

Our Christmas Song

December 11, 2008

Me and Rod Thomas, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hello all,

I was asked by Moshi Moshi to do a christmas song…so here it is.

It features the awesome singing talent that is Rod Thomas.


James Yuill feat. Rod Thomas – Winter Wonderland