New Website

May 10, 2010

Hi everyone

I’ve redesigned my website.

Yes…it’s using that funky platform known as wordpress…

I’ve incorporated my blog into it, so there’ll be no need to update this one.

For those of you that have got my blog in your RSS readers. You’ll need to swap the url to this


Or alternatively, go to the site ( and click on the rss logo in my online homes menu bar.




Mini UK Tour Flyer

May 10, 2010

Ableton Controller

December 22, 2009

anyone got some opinons on these two ableton controllers? apart from the obvious more buttons thing.

apc 40

or the launch pad


just found this article

Best Advert Ever

October 2, 2009

Zero 7 Tour Poster

September 30, 2009

Over The Hills Video

June 7, 2009

How many trigger fingers??

June 7, 2009

how many trigger fingers??, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

just saw this link on myspace.
what’s up with all the friggin m-audio trigger fingers? and why they not plugged in?