Sample Me Up 2

March 8, 2010

Hey ya’ll

I know you’ve heard these, but just added the mp3s to my download page.


Sample Me Up TRACK #1 – “The Smashed Bulb”
The Smashed Bulb was the first track I worked on. The main sample is Adam from Mississippi’s shattered bulb sample. As soon as I heard it I thought ‘Finally! Someone’s sent me a decent bass drum!’. I knew straight away it should be a grime/dance-hall track as the raw audio has a real modeselektor vibe.
The dog barking came from Megu in Japan along with a few other samples in this track (a microwave oven, and some street crossing noise). The main 80s riff in this track is made by taking the last bit from the Ooeeoowah sent in by Joe from London (he’s also known as Broadcast 2000) and whacking it in ableton’s Simpler.

There’s loads of other random stuff in here. For example a camera winding up on the off beat, which was sent in by Theresa from Germany.

Samples used for The Smashed Bulb

Shatteredbulb – Adam Ruhl, Mississippi, USA
Zipper – Fentiger, Cambridge, England
Balconytintable – Andreas Gustafsson, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mov00035 – Hendrik Schlimper, Hamburg, Germany
Doggy – Megu Hirokawa, Japan
James yuill sample brezn – Daniel Bruegge, Munich, Germany
Puredatamess – Patrick MCHugh, Donegal, Ireland
Bahbow – Hugh Miller, Tasmania, Australia
Horsey – Amul Batra, London, England
Microwave oven – Megu Hirokawa, Japan
Camera – Theresa Flenger, Regensburg, Germany
Doorstop – Josh Blalock, Texas, USA
Ooeeoowah – Joe Steer, London, England
Crossing – Megu Hirokawa, Japan
Sample me up rod – Rod Thomas, London, England
Ringalingaling – Mike Langeveld, Utrecht, Holland


Sample Me Up TRACK #2 – “UFO”

The second track I did is UFO. It came about when I was sent the euphonium samples by Owain in Manchester. The main riff is his sample, but pitch shifted down a few octaves. As The Smashed Bulb has a kind of grime/dance-hall beat to it I decided to make this one straight up house.
Of course the bass drum is from Adam’s Shattered bulb sample, in fact the hi hat is a bit of the shattered glass from the resulting mess!

The pad was made from another euphonium sample from Owain. The little 80s sounding riff that appears near the end was made from a sample sent in for the last Sample Me Up by Aaron in Suffolk.
I used an analogue bass sound from Hugh in Tasmania, Australia to double up the main euphonium riff. Just to give the track a bit of low end and umph!

Samples used for UFO

High flutter motif2 – Owain Roberts, Manchester, England
Bahbow – Hugh Miller, Tasmania, Australia
Shatteredbulb – Adam Ruhl, Mississippi, USA
Puredatamess – Patrick McHugh, Donegal, Ireland
Mov00035 – Hendrik Schlimper, Hamburg, Germany
Insect – Megu Hirokawa, Japan
Shakyglass – Adam Ruhl, Mississippi, USA
Fluuernorm – Owain Roberts, Manchester, England
Zipper – Fentiger, Cambridge, England
Crossing – Megu Hirokawa, Japan
Microwave oven – Megu Hirokawa, Japan
Sound clip 05 – Aaron Coe, Suffolk, England

Cheers to everyone who got involved.


ps: Stay tuned…I suggest maybe checking up on me maybe wednesday (10th)…


Sample Me Up 2 (tracks online)

October 11, 2009

Sample Me Up 2, originally uploaded by jamesyuill.

Hi guys

Well the Sample Me Up 2 tracks are finally online. Many thanks to for hosting them. I finished them a while ago, but we thought it would be better to have them posted somewhere else on the web.

here’s the link

I’d love to know what you think